My Top 10 ‘Crafty Must-Haves!’

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Whether you are an experienced crafter or a beginner, there are some craft tools that are must-haves.   You know those ones that you are constantly pulling out of its drawer or storage space?  Yes those!  Here I have compiled a list (in no particular order) of the 10 craft tools I think a good crafter should always keep handy.



No matter what type of craft you do a hot glue gun is a must!  It’s a stronger adhesive than your average glue stick and, if you’re anything like me, it’s fired up most days!  There are so many on the market these days but I would highly recommend this little beauty – the HOBBYTEC 305.  With its precision tip you’re sure to get a professional finish on all your craft projects.



From acrylic to matte,  there’s rarely a craft that wouldn’t benefit from the added dimension a touch of paint gives. I tend to use the matte tester pots as base coats on my wooden items – these can be found in most DIY stores and aren’t that expensive, meaning more cost effective for you as a crafter.  I am also rather partial to the glitter paints and 3 dimensional versions which can now be found on the market.  Some of my favourite finds include the DECOART GLAMOUR DUST range and the DECOART TWINKLES GLITTER WRITERS.  These work a little magic into your designs!



What use would paint be without a good paintbrush?  If you are looking for a smooth, perfect finish or are adding tiny detailing to your project then a good paintbrush is another must-have tool.  Personally, I don’t think you should go for the cheaper option when it comes to paintbrushes – believe me, I have done just this in the past and ended up with a lovely ‘hairy’ finish due to the bristles shedding and getting stuck in the paint!  Not a good look I can tell you!  A good selection of brushes can be found here.

It is important to look after your brushes and treat them with the utmost care – always soak/wash thoroughly after use and shape the bristles whilst wet.



When you take a lot of time to create a beautiful piece of craft it is important that when it comes to the writing, you don’t just grab any old pen from the drawer.  Obviously the type of pen or marker you need will depend on the surface you intend to write on.  For me, I always use wood so my recommendation would be a UNI POSCA PAINT PEN for the main text.  These come in an array of gorgeous colours and various tip sizes too.  You could also use a SHARPIE pen – whilst I don’t find these very good for the text  I do use them for decoration around the edge etc.

Did you know that pens are meant to be stored horizontally rather than vertically?



Having a good pair of scissors is essential.  They must be able to cut through a variety of items and it is always handy to have a few different sized pairs.  Be sure to keep your paper cutting scissors separate from your fabric ones – this will ensure the blade is kept nice and sharp.



From gingham to grosgrain, satin to sheer we can never have enough ribbon right?  I have a huge box full of the stuff!  There are so many different types available now it makes it almost impossible to choose.  Don’t fear for I happened to stumble across this wonderful ribbon emporium some time ago now and never looked back!  You’re sure to find something here to enhance your creations.



I couldn’t be without this as I use it to pretty up my parcels but washi tape is so versatile it can be used for a heap of other things to.  This decorative sticky tape can be found in many many colours and patterns and is a perfect addition to your craft projects – use it to jazz up your scrapbooking projects or add a little depth to your card making.  The sky’s your limit!



I couldn’t have written this list without including my personal favourite – BUTTONS!  For those who may not know, I am a self-confessed buttonaholic!  My craft room dresser is adorned with jars of every colour button you could imagine…..kid in a sweet shop springs to mind!  However, buttons do have great crafting purposes apart from looking pretty – they provide a quirky way of embellishing your projects.  Have you tried layering them to give a more 3 dimensional look?

Other embellishments are widely available from all good craft stores which means you can add themes to your makes, making them even more personal.



What would we do without it?  I’m a firm believer in ‘a place for everything, everything has its place.’  For tiny bits ‘n’ bobs I’m a fan of these storage boxes.  They come with a number of dividers which enables you to create your own size compartments.  I also came across this ribbon organiser recently – check it out… more tangled ribbon!  Whichever way you decide to organise your craft space, it’s always easier in the long run if you have a place for everything.  (And saves so much time!)



I cannot stress enough how important this is.  Just the other week the bulb blew in my desk lamp, so I reach into the drawer of my desk to get the spare…….this is where disaster struck!  No spare!  What?  No spare?  I always have a spare.  I rummage frantically through my desk in the hope that it is lurking somewhere between the parcel tape and sticky notes.  It isn’t there.  It isn’t there because I used the spare last time and must have forgotten to replace it.  So, that night it was game over for me and the next morning was a dash to the nearest store to get a new bulb!  Well, I actually bought 4……just incase.

So, onto number 10 – good lighting.  This is an absolute essential.  A good desk lamp means you can work at all hours of the day/night and can also provide you with a not-too-bad light for a photo.  Obviously, you can’t beat natural daylight but this is the next best thing.

So there you have it……my top 10 craft room essentials.  I hope they have inspired you to get your craft on!

 Until next time – HAPPY CRAFTING!  xx

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